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Master Aznous Boisseranc

With more than 20 years of continuous training in martial arts, in 2011 he lived in China and trained for five years in a row with great masters of traditional Chinese martial arts.

In his last year in China, the highest authority of the style Grand Master Zhang Xigui granted him international representation to represent Hunyuan Wushu school abroad.

Master Ding Qilin conveyed the Bagua Zhang Yin style and the two-handed sword (Shuangshou Jian) famous in China for Master Yu Chenghui.

In his last year in China (2015), Master Li Enjiu granted him the representation of the Shangwu Taiji school to represent the school internationally.

The masters Zhang Xigui and Zheng Jianping transmitted mainly the Xingyi Quan of the Hunyuan style, also the Yueshi Bafanshou, Duan Quan, Fushan Taiji Quan, Bagua Zhang and Fanzi Quan.

Teachers Li Shufeng and Li Enjiu instructed him in the Chen Taiji Quan (Chen-style Taichi) broadcast by Grandmaster Hong Junsheng.

In his years in China, master Aznous Boisseranc participated in numerous tournaments, which managed to obtain more than 25 gold medals in international competitions, winning over the Chinese themselves. Being thus world champion in the tournaments of China.

He was interviewed numerous times by magazines, local newspapers and television, being the first Chilean in China documented by the largest television network CCTV. His first time in China and in 2018 for the second time in Chile. Today he is well known in China in martial arts and culture diffusion.


The teacher Aznous B. Today holds the sixth grade (6 Duan), this being the highest technical degree certified by the Wushu Association of China. In addition, through practical and theoretical exams (In Chinese), he obtained his Instructor certification by the same association.

In academics, the teacher has the highest level of Chinese in HSK and is a master's degree from Shandong University as a historian of ancient Chinese history.


Today, teacher Aznous B. He is the director of Longhun Wudao and professor at the Confucius Institute of the Catholic University of Chile, working day by day to transmit the authentic traditional Chinese culture.

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